Diagnosis of colon cancer

Earlier, can detect cancer, better will be the prediction. As with any additional form of colon cancer, the first steps are easier to treat and possibly cure. The later stages of developing this disease can bed covering and cause more problems, arriving difficult for doctors to treat. May not be the importance of early detection and stressed enough health professionals.
Colon Cancer cells are cells that have translated and grow abnormally. They cause tumors and masses and tumors in the consistence. Can grow exceedingly large and spread to early arenas of the body. If arrested stages of the 'small', furthermore it is likely that the cancer can be removed surgically or treated with excellent results.
In the first phase
In the first phase of this type of cancer, the prognosis is very good. Someone who has a bigger than 90 percent chance of five-year survival. At this arrange, the cancer usually only penetrated into the surface of the intestinal wall.
The second phase
Chance of surviving 'second phase' of this colon cancer for five years or more, classification TNM of malignant tumours ", from 55% to 85%. At this stage, the colon cancer has penetrated muscle layer is generally bowel wall.
The third phase
Chance of surviving "third phase" of these cancer for five years or more than 20 percent to 55 percent. At this point, generally works through the intestinal wall and has contaminated lymph nodes and near bodies. Patients who have undergone three or less decade infected should ameliorate than those who accept four or more contaminated nodes.
The fourth step
Opening to survive colon cancer "phase IV" for five years or more is to a lesser degree 5%. At this point, usually the cancer has spread to other parts of the body like the lungs. Not all patients with colorectal cancer "phase 4", in the same State; Therefore, it may be a different diagnosis. Studies have shown that patients with to a lesser degree three masses in the less recorded can be 20% 30% chance of survival at five years.
You are able to now see why the early catching of colon cancer is very important. Really, they play an important role in the diagnosis.
Treatment, the coarsest discussion for the betimes stages of colon cancer is to remove the section of colon containing abnormal cells. Then return a colon and sewn back. There are new studies done on the effectivity of different discourses for the advanced stages of cancer of the colon. Your doctor will be able to tell you that you would expect in treatment alternatives, since each cancer patient and each case of this disease are different.
Schedule regular reviews is in your best concern and will help you detect cancer colorectal previously. Signs and symptoms may take weeks or a long time to become clear, if you are in the categories of risk of developing cancer of the colon, a periodic review is therefore very authoritative. Contact your doctor directly if you distrust that something can be a problem.

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